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Computed (or Computerized) Tomography (CT) is painless, noninvasive,accurate and fairly fast. 

CT scanning is often the best method for detecting many different cancers by confirming the presence of a tumor, and to determine its size and location. A CT machine takes a series of X-ray slices of internal organs, bones, soft tissue and blood vessels. The cross-sectional images generated can be reformatted in multiple planes and generate three-dimensional images which can be viewed on a computer monitor, printed on film or transferred to electronic media. If you're in need of a CT Scan, then Grapevine Imaging is your go to location. Contact us today.


If you are pregnant, or think you might be pregnant, call your health care provider prior to your appointment.

If your scan requires contrast, you will be asked not to eat or drink anything for two hours prior to your appointment time.

Please inform your physician of all medications you are taking and if you have any allergies. If you have a known allergy to contrast material, your doctor may prescribe medications (usually asteroid) to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction. To avoid unnecessary delays, contact your doctor before your exam.

Also inform your doctor of any recent illnesses or other medical conditions and whether you have a history of heart disease, asthma, diabetes, kidney disease or thyroid problems to avoid the risk of an adverse effect.


Metal objects, including jewelry, eyeglasses,hearing aids, hairpins, dentures, prosthetics containing screws and other metal components may affect the CT images. Leave them at home or remove them prior to the exam. You may also be asked to take out hearing aids and removable dental work. Women should remove bras containing metal underwire.

You should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your exam. We may provide hospital-style scrubs (pants and a top) or an exam gown during the procedure.


You may be asked to sit or lie down in a few positions during the test as a large camera attached to the equipment arm moves over your body to capture a series of images. Taking from 15-45 minutes, the goal is that you will remain as still as possible unless you are asked to re-position by the CT operator, so the clearest and best possible pictures are obtained.


You will be free to resume normal activities, just as before the procedure. Images are sent directly to our radiology group and reports will be ready within 24 hours and faxed to your physician’s office.  


The CT scanner is a large, donut-shaped machine with a short tunnel in the center. Patients lie on a narrow examination table that slides in and out of this tunnel. Rotating around you, the x-ray tube and electronic x-ray detectors are located opposite each other in a ring, called a gantry.  

Investing in the innovatively well integrated Siemen’s 64-slice SOMATOM go, Eclipse Imaging steps up both the patient care experience and the physicians’ ability to get super accurate and insightful scans. This thoughtfully designed CT platform leverages a mobile tablet, gantry-mounted wireless computers and automation of standard workflows for faster procedures allowing technicians to stay closer to the patient (unlike older systems that require a separate control room) – keeping subjects calmer, while also providing easier patient positioning for true testing versatility.

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